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Designs created by Travelers....for Travelers

WELCOME to En Route Travelware.

EN ROUTE TRAVELWARE designs and manufactures original products for travelers, because we are travelers ourselves. All products are unique one-of-a-kind items made with practicality and quality in mind.

WHERE'S MY BAG? All luggage looks similar when you're waiting for it. Make yours personalized, distinctive and stand out from the crowd with a bright holographic FLASHTAG!

LIKE PICNICS? Set a delicious feast on Eurail, in the wine country, or your local favorite spot and make it extra special with our small and compact TRAVEL PICNIC KITS.

NO POCKETS? Wonder what to do with your hotel key when you're out for a jog or stroll on the beach? The answer is our ARM WALLET.

KEEP YOUR MONEY SAFE. In some places in the world, it's wise to keep your money and passport hidden. Look into our HIDDEN LEG WALLET.

NO PLACE FOR YOUR PHONE? Our HANDS FREE POCKETS make perfect iPod and Phone holders. Plus they hold your keys. Great when you don't have pockets or when working out. Wear on arm or ankle.

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Come back often to see all the fun new products that have landed from En Route Travelware!